Chabad Suite Website

Why Chabad Suite Sites?

After many requests from customers, we've decided to launch Chabad Suite sites. We determined that the benefit adn value reaped from having their website and CRM fully integrated outweighs the nuisance of having to pay for it. Out of the box, the website's forms integrate seamlessly with the CRM. The 'Contact Us' form stores submissions in the CRM as an activity, the 'email sign-up' block adds contacts to the newsletter group and the online donation form, which looks super clean, also integrate seamlessly with the CRM. With in-page editing, you are able to create content and edit your website seamlessly. The Website, The CRM and the Website administration sections are all accessed via your domain, User access will be determined by user roles: CRM Admin and Website Admin. Most importantly, the website will be beautiful and easy to manage.

Website Content Philosophy

Chabad Suite does not provide content for these websites. Our philosophy is that websites should be beautiful, clean, concise and to the point. Every piece of content is an opportunity for your organization to communicate to the end-user. When a user navigates to your website, he is either looking to register, donate, contact you or find out what your organization does. And in the era of short attention spans, users do not have the patience to filter through endless content to find what they are looking for. Emails and social media are the proper medium to share and promote articles, ideas, events, and other content.


The design is at the forefront of this project. We've implemented the Chabad website design by Sruly Lipszyc, creator of Chabad Brand

Mobile Layout

Chabad of Temecula

Desktop Layout

Chabad of Loudoun County