What is Chabad Suite

Our Mission

We at Chabad Suite seek to help enhance the work of Shluchim by providing reliable, tailored solutions that address Shluchim’s most common challenges.

In order to do this, we’ve made it our mission to understand the shared technology needs among Chabad outreach institutions and provide a platform that expertly addresses those needs.


The Need

Chabad institutions are known to be very active. Shluchim run events, collect donations from individuals, run fundraisers, provide ongoing programming, communicate actively with their constituents, proactively reach out to individuals in the community so that no one is left behind, and provide assistance with challenges faced by the community and individuals alike. Remarkably, all these services are usually solely performed by the rabbi and rebbetzin. Administering all these services well is a challenging task and usually requires a slew of technology platforms, services, and excel spreadsheets. Selecting and managing these platforms often becomes frustrating and overwhelming.

We are here to make the administration easy so you can focus on the Shlichus

Chabad Suite is a single platform that streamlines these tasks. Our one-stop-shop application provides a state-of-the-art website designer and fundraising pages fully integrated with a CRM where you can seamlessly collect, organize, and use your data. The platform is complete with all the features you expect, including event management, donate forms, matching campaigns, mailings, Hebrew calendar integration, data collection forms, and so much more.

To learn more about our features, see the CRM, Fundraising, and Website pages

Core Values

Chabad: Chabad Suite has the Chabad mission at its core. The purpose of Chabad Suite is to advance the work that Chabad does and therefore we share a deep care and concern for the success of each and every Shliach.

Quality: We seek to provide high-quality solutions to your needs. We develop and design products with the whole picture in mind and bring you easy-to-use solutions that are holistic. 

Value for our users: We understand our customers deeply and tailor our work to provide the best value for their needs.

Who We Serve

Chabad Suite serves Chabad institutions that share the needs that our platform solves, have a qualified (and English-speaking) staff member who can operate a technology platform, and for whom we can devise a successful plan of implementation.

Pricing and costs

It is our goal that our products be priced in a way that makes them accessible to most Chabad organizations with a strong emphasis placed on value. We want organizations to feel like they are getting great value for their investment.