ChabadSuite CRM Features

A powerful hub for all your contact management needs.

Organize, connect with, and automate your contacts, donations, mailings, receipts, events, and much more. Complete with our customized tools for the shaliach.

ChabadSuite CRM
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Track and schedule activities with your contacts. Meetings, phone calls, emails, SMS or anything else - everything is recorded in the CRM for you to easily reference, search, or report.
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Mail labels, print mail-merge pdfs or export mailings lists
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Export your data

No vendor lock-in. Export all your data at any time.
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Tags & Groups

Keep your contacts and lists organized with tags and groups
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Custom Fields

Create custom fields to track custom information for you organization's needs
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Easily design and send emails to individual contacts or groups
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Calendar sync

Automatically Sync Activities to Calendar
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Automated Birthdays

Automatically send contacts an email or sms for their birthday
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Automated Yahrzeits

Automatically send mourners an email before a yahrzeit they observe
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Automated Reminders

Send automatic emails or SMS to contacts when they meet a specified criteria
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Smart Groups

Automated group assignment for contacts that fall within your smart group's criteria
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Donation Receipts

Send automatic donation receipts and custom thank you letters
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Keep track of who's related to who with customizable relationship tracking
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Email Template Builder

Easily create email templates with our drag and drop template builder
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Payment Processing

Collect, enter, and process credit card donations from your CRM
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Recurring Donations

Setup and process recurring credit card donation from your CRM
Even more features
Searching and Reporting
Search and filter any data point, including custom fields.
Mass Email
Full-featured mass email system with open/click tracking, unsubscribe/subscribe, A/B testing and more
Easily send SMS to individual contacts or groups
Payment Forms
Create payment and donations forms
Event forms
Create event forms for contacts to register and pay
Intake Forms
Create intake forms to collect contact information
Hebrew date converter
Convert your birthdays and Yahrzeits from english to Hebrew dates
Event Management
Run event reports, send automatic event reminders, print participant lists, email participants, and more
Automated Report delivery
Your CRM will email you the reports you need on the days you need them, automatically
Membership management
Membership sign up forms, renewal reminders and more
Donation Entry
Record or import donation
Payment Processor integrations
Use, Stripe, and Paypal
Year-end Thank you letter
Print or email year-end thank you letters to donors
Event Registration
Record or import event registration along with event payments
Create and export accounting batches to upload to quickbooks
Your data is backed up daily. Each backup is stored for 60 days.
Member login
Allow you members to login to easily fill out forms or view their dashboard
Member Dashboard
Give members access to view their donation history and other information about their account
We use SSL, so all your traffic is secure
Multi-level access roles
Allow volunteers or employees to have limited access to your database
Birthday and Yahrzeit form
Allow contacts to send you the birthdays and yahrzeits they observe