A Home Away From Home

Montreal-native, Shlomo Banon has been a shaliach for twenty years. He and his wife Matti co-direct the Rohr Chabad for Students at the University of Montreal. Since their modest beginnings in 2013, they have been steadily growing every year, providing students with a warm, loving, and hospitable place for Jewish students to connect, mingle, and stay connected to Yiddishkeit. The center provides Shabbat Student Dinners, Shabbat Services, Hospitality, and Holiday Awareness Programs to the French-speaking Jewish population on campus. Whether it’s installing mezuzot in dorm rooms, caring for their children, cooking for the students, or leading Torah Study classes on weeknights, Shlomo and Matti always have a lot to do - there’s hardly ever a moment to spare.

Looking to to simplify his life, reduce the more repetitive tasks, and focus on growth, Shlomo started looking for improvements to the way he ran his Chabad House. One particular pain point was his accounting software. Like all Shluchim, he needed a way to securely process the donations he received and generate automated receipts. While the software he had was fairly easy to use, it wasn’t doing a whole lot for the the yearly fees he was paying every year. That’s when he discovered Chabad Suite.

With Chabad Suite, he not only had a powerful CRM at his disposal, but it could do everything his old software did and more. Aside from automatically creating receipts for every donation received, Chabad Suite also tracks his relationships with the students and their parents and generates beautiful forms he uses on his website. This information makes his donor campaigns and messaging much easier, storing all that data in one place. Now there’s no need to plug the information into mailers, receipts himself, Chabad Suite does it all for him.

Shlomo describes himself as a “medium-level” computer user. He isn’t intimidated by some of the more sophisticated features of Chabad Suite, but he still rests easier knowing he can turn to the handy WhatsApp Support Group if he ever needs it. “Working with Yosef and his staff is awesome,” he says. “The support is super efficient, all questions and issues addressed promptly.”

With the time he saves, Shlomo and Matti are now able to focus their efforts on expanding their community. With a building campaign to create a new home away from home for students, the Banons, backed my Chabad Suite, are making the most of every donation that comes their way. Together, Chabad Suite and the Rohr Center are working hard to ensure Jewish university students in Montreal will have a beautiful place develop their spirit.